About the Artist

A fascination with horses has been the primary influence in the life of equine artist, Susan Sullivan.  This fascination has led to many, varied experiences that lend credibility and authenticity to her artwork.  Working on cattle and horse roundups in Eastern Washington and British Columbia, teaching horsemanship at childrens' camps, galloping polo horses for an International Player, helping with maintenance and training on the family ranch (where they bred, raised and trained 40+ head of registered Quarter Horses), horse show judge, working at the family-owned tack shop, helping with creative aspects of 4-H projects in a leader role as well as taking her daughters to their shows, rodeos and events; all these and more have led to Susan's knowledge and appreciation of the beauty and conformation of the equine.

"Horses sparked my creative talents from an early age.  My first sales were realistic pen & ink sketches that captured the truth and humor inherent in handling and riding a large animal.  In addition to pen and ink drawings, I enjoy painting in oil, sculpting in clay or wax and experimenting with mixed media.  Lately, I have been expanding my use of acrylic paints, as I enjoy the vast palette of colors and great versatility in application and use of mediums."

"When I paint for myself I choose to portray my feelings about the subject in color and brushstroke.  I feel a painting should say something about the relationship of the artist to the subject."


rivate Collections of Susan's artwork exist in Canada, Germany and the United States.  Animal portraits include horses, horses & riders, cats, dogs, wolves, elk, exotic birds and even a Brahma Bull that was broke to ride.

mong other Societies, Clubs & Associations who have taken a notable interest in her artwork, an inspired Semi-ah-moo Resort in Birch Bay, WA extended and invitation to host for her a 1 month long exclusive gallery event featuring 'NorthWest Barns'.  Out of 60 paintings, 56 were sold before the end of the art show. 

She was also asked to be the featured artist at the Rocky Mountain Elk Preservation Banquet & Auction, Winter 2006 and participated in a juried Equine Art Show at Emerald Downs TB Racetrack where she sold 2 of 3 paintings entered, including one to the Racetrack's Director.

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